Tax Preparation & Other Services

Don’t trust your tax preparation to just anyone. Instead, have your tax returns prepared personally by a licensed CPA. CPAs are regulated and held to the highest professional standards, which means that the quality of service you will receive from a CPA far exceeds that of a national chain or non-licensed accountant. My services do not stop with the filing of your tax returns. Once completed, you will have your tax return explained to you in terms you can understand. I will even offer advice as to how to plan for the coming year. I am also available to my clients throughout the year for tax-related questions.

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Need help adjusting your withholdings or making estimated tax payments?

All of my tax preparation clients receive a complimentary tax withholding analysis!

If you consistently receive large refunds, you are having too much withheld from your paycheck. Why let the government use your money for free during the year? You don’t have to wait to file your tax return to get your money. I can help you adjust your withholdings so that you are getting the maximum amount from your paycheck throughout the year.

On the other hand, if you consistently owe a large amount when you file your tax return, you are having too little withheld, or may not be paying the correct estimated amounts. I offer assistance with estimating tax for the self-employed or high incomes.

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