Small Business Services   “More Than Just Bookkeeping”

In order to better serve my existing clients, I am unable to accept new small business accounting clients at this time.

I save my clients time and money by offering a full range of accounting services. But my assistance to small business owners doesn’t end at bookkeeping and tax filing. I also help you grow, sustain and protect your business by offering financial analysis and internal controls advice. You choose the level of support that fits your needs and budget.

  • General Ledger Accounting – Outsource your bookkeeping to allow more time to focus on your business.
  • Payroll – Relieve yourself of the time and complexities of payroll processing and be assured that your payroll will be handled timely and efficiently.
  • Tax Services – Save time and money through consolidation of your filings, deposits, analyses and estimates.
  • Financial Analysis – Gain financial insight into your business to ensure its success and longevity.
  • Planning & Budgeting – Set a path to achieve the financial goals for your business.
  • Internal Controls – Protect your business.

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Deborah Fleischman CPA PLLC