Tax Preparation Fees

Please Note: Prices are subject to change and are only guaranteed upon a signed client agreement.

Contact me for forms and schedules not listed below and other services.

Form 1040 and
Accompanying Schedules 1 – 5
Married Filing Jointly All Other Filing Statuses
1040, includes 1 state $135 $110
Schedule 1 $90 $65
Schedule 2 $55 $45
Schedule 3 $90 $65
Schedule 4 $55 $45
Schedule 5 $90 $65
1040X – Amended Return from $90 from $89

– Fees include e-filing for Federal and all states as required. Additional fees apply for paper filing.

– Late submissions may be subject to additional fees of up to 10% of the total preparation fee.

Other Schedules Married Filing Jointly All Other Filing Statuses
Sch A – Itemized Deductions $60 $45
Sch B – Interest & Ordinary Dividends from $30 from $25
Sch C – Profit or Loss from Business from $100* from $100*
Sch D – Capital Gains & Losses from $50** from $50**
Sch E – Income from Rentals, Partnerships, Royalties, S-Corporations, Trusts, Estates from $85*** from $85***
Additional State from $60 from $50
* Minimum rate covers one business/activity and client provides summary of income and expenses. Additional charges apply for multiple businesses and/or bookkeeping services.

** Minimum rate covers up to 20 transactions. Additional charges apply to more than 20 transactions.

*** Minimum rate covers one property/activity. Additional charges apply to multiple properties/activities.

Discounts Available!

• Electronic Submission Discount – Upload your documents and save 10%*, as well as valuable time! Contact me to set up a SecureFilePro account.

• Family Discount – Paying clients receive FREE filing of dependents’ returns and significant discounts for their children who are college students and need to file. Certain restrictions apply.

• Senior Discount – Clients 65 and over receive a 10%* discount. (Individual tax preparation only.)

*Not to exceed $30. Only one discount allowed per client.

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